Rule Book

Last Updated : 11:15 PM 12-April-2022

League Format

1. This corporate league consist of 21 overs in each inning.

2. One bowler allowed to bowl 5 overs and four bowler can bowl 4 overs each maximum.

3. First 6 overs will be compulsory fielding power play and only 2 fielders are allowed outside circle.

4. There will be 1 over of batting power play and batting side can take batting power play of 1 over from 16-21 over of the inning and only 3 players allowed outside the circle.

Player and Team Selection Rules

1. Franchise will be given to member for 3 seasons of SBCL 2022.

2. Franchise have to provide dress to all their players and all other refreshment expenses. SBCL will only provide mineral water.

3. Franchise can only select players from the player pools selected by the SBCL management.

4. Franchise have to sign agreement with SBCL management for specified period of times.

5. Franchise can have 2 combined members and both of them can play in their team without any selection process.

6. 100000 is the maximum points a franchise can use to select players.

7. Base point given to select a non – professional player is 3000.

8. There is no point based selection for professional players, team can add any professional player from their side.

9. Maximum 2 professional ( District, State, International, Red Bull, JP Attray, University and Camp ) players are allowed to have in playing XI.

10. Franchise can give maximum 4 professional players name on selection day for all 3 seasons and team can add players in playing only from these 4 players.

11. All players have to submit online application at and agree to terms of the application.

12. Note this corporate league will help orphanage , old age homes, slums children and peoples, if any income generated from it to our Society ( Registration in progress )

13. If any illegal activity done from any franchise owner and players then they are responsible for it SBCL management have nothing to do with that and regarding this they have to sign a legal agreement with SBCL.

14. Franchise can select maximum 20 corporate players within their purse points.

15. For corporate players professional gap must be of 2 years. Players not allowed who played professional cricket ( District / State / Red Bull / JP Attray / University / Division and any BCCI affiliated tournament / Attended Any State or BCCI Camp ) after 30 Nov 2019.

16. Players allowed Min age 22 years as on 30th Nov 2021.

17. If SBCL committee found any player doing any illegal activity then SBCL committee will terminate that player immediately and will take legal action. 

18. If any team found to break any rule for professional gap and age at any stage in any season then points earned will be reversed whenever it’s proved.

19. A franchise can retain 2 corporate players of their choice with player consent and retain points of each player will be 6000. Franchise have to provide retained player name on 5th Dec 2021.

20. Player selection will be done on 7th Dec 2021, Tuesday.

21. Players from qualifier and eliminator teams are eligible for any awards given and Society member will decide all awards. Players cant claim any award to society.

22. A player cant play any other match on the day when their team SBCL match will be scheduled. They need NOC from franchise to play any other match when their team match is scheduled else they have to pay Rs 25000 fine for that and this will be mentioned in players agreement.

23. If any player got injured and team need replacement then team owner can provide all detail to SBCL committee and replacement will be given to team.

24. Players will be solely responsible for any injury and treatment during the matches and team owners and SBCL committee have no responsibility for any kind of injury and treatment to player.